2016 Pantomime: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once again the Otterbourne Village Hall Committee performed a very colourful and fun filled Pantomime, with superb casting.

Dame Trott played by (John Pitman), had an apple tree that could produce a crop of gold, if the correct spell was said in its presence. The wicked Squire Dick Dastardly (Steve Rickman) and his Henchman Igor (Barbara Thomas), went to great lengths to steal the apple tree and its fortune. They were faulted in their plight by Prince Edwin, brilliantly played by (Holly Williams) along with the beautiful Goldilocks (Nicole Morris), who at one time was hiding in the home of Three Bears, Mr Bear (Philip Tutt – Leppard), Mrs Bear (Samantha Oldham) and Baby Bear (Louis Still). Making sure all ended up well came the help of two Fairies, The Forest Fairy (Terry Revell) who surprised all the audience with his appearance, was assisted by delightful (Xanthe Gibbs). Two people helping in all these antics was Dame Trotts son Simple Simon (Kevin Warne) and his girl friend Marigold (Nicky Williams), these two were the stars of the show, bringing much comedy to the production. A surprise guest was Auntie Polar Bear (Barbara Hancox), who was in fine voice, on the casts visit to the North Pole. The cast were supported by a wonderful array of villagers and children who added to the spectacular scenes with singing and dancing.

The Committee must be congratulated for their truly wonderful scenery, properties and lighting and the costumes as usual were all so very colourful. The Musical Director was Richard Daniels, the Choreographer Kerry Purnell, the Producer John Pitman, but the person who should receive the biggest accolade for this most inspiring production, was the Director and Head of Costumes Kay Warne.

The Pantomime was presented by the Otterbourne Village Hall Committee.

The Southern Daily Echo Review – Curtain Call Awards 2016.

This was Otterbourne’s  36th  Pantomime and I can assure you that they know every nuance required to put on  a great show.  What always impresses me is the community spirit, the adults invest in and nurture the younger members both on and  backstage and the audiences turn out  in force to support them.  If you think community means sub-standard though,  you’d be wrong  –  This Group Has Talent.  The brightest stars for me were Nicky Williams as “Dippy Marigold”, who captured her fidgety inner child, the heart of Kevin Warne ( Simple Simon) and the sight of Terry Revell ( The Forest Fairy) in tights and tutu, is one I won’t forget in a hurry, despite trying my hardest to!.

I’d like to mention everyone but I have a word limit and I absolutely have to comment on the excellent sets (Chris Williams and Luke Williams) the first rate lighting (Bob Ball, Peter Gibbs, Ann Duggan ) and the exceptional costumes (Kay Warne, Samantha Oldham, Vera Oldham).

Rebecca Case.