2012 Pantomime: Jack & The Beanstalk

Our 2012 production was “Jack and the Beanstalk”, it played to packed houses with all tickets being sold out in advance of its two week run. The show opened with the Wicked Witch, Joyce Jones frightening a number of Children, one or two left every show once the curtains opened onto a green and aerie place.  The principle boy Jack was superbly played by Ryan Bishop along with his very simple brother Simon played by Kevin Warne, who had to sell the cow played by Hannah Duggan and Sarah Bishop who, returning after their second year at University, decided that they wanted to have a part in this year’s production.  Both Sarah and Hannah have played leading roles in both our Summer Variety and Pantomimes prior to their departing for University.

Jack and Simon’s Mother was as always played by our resident Dame, John Pitman who turned in another brilliant performance,  Princess Primrose was beautifully played by Holly Williams, With Holly’s Mum Nicky Williams being one part of the double act of Snatchet and Scarper , the other Villain being  played by Marion Foot, they were under the control of” Rancid” the Rat Catcher played by Steven Rickman, and Ugly hardly describes Rancid.  Brian Foot was the Lord high Chamberlain, who always preceded the King and Queen, Barbara Thomas and Terry Revell, the Fairy (everyone loves a Fairy) was played most successfully by Kerry Anne Evans of “Twinkletoes” fame, Kerry also choreographed the whole show, and once again we were privileged to have Richard Daniels as our very talented musical director, you would never know we did not  have a resident orchestra with Richard at his “Keyboards”, it now only  remains for me to mention our Brilliant Stage Manager, yes it’s another Bishop, this time it’s Paul the head of “Clan Bishop”, and  where would we be without Liz “Bishop” who leads our front of house and runs a very successful Box Office (one word – Lost).  Our talented Sound and lighting Box under the direction of Tim Duggan, who is also our new Village Hall Chairman. Our Wardrobe Mistresses Joyce Jones and Julie Whale who were responsible for making all of our colourful costumes.