2017 Pantomime: Rapunzel

Once again another very successful pantomime, and considered one of the best amateur productions in the South of England.

A new dame in the guise of Kevin Warne, brilliant. A nasty witch, Nicky Williams, talented as ever, a Princess in Holly Williams, superb (A real Star) and a wonderful Prince in Ryan Bishop (The ladies loved him). Supporting cast and the young members of the company all terrific, and our stars of the future. Congratulations, once again, to our Producer, Director, Set Designer and Wardrobe Mistress (How does she find the time) the very talented Kay Warne. Not forgetting our Back Stage Crew, Sound and Lighting Engineers (Without whom the show could not proceed) and one other person without whom we could not operate, our tea and biscuit lady Margaret Gains.

Well done all involved.

The Southern Daily Echo Review – Curtain Call Awards 2017.

Otterbourne pull off yet another cracking panto. Plenty of colour, boundless energy, song and dance, corny gags and gentle innuendos set off another year in style.

Rapunzel (Holly Williams) has more going for her than just luscious locks and a sense of wonderment, as she steals the heart of the playboy prince (Ryan Bishop). Witch Gothel (Nicky Williams) is my favourite, with her simpering, sassy, sly guise and she certainly managed villainy, if the screams of the small girl next to me were anything to go by!

Taking over from seasoned dame John Pitman, Kevin Warne does a sterling job filling the size 10 heels as Trixie, supported by the wonderfully sunny Frankie (Jack Hobbs).

Once again the set is eye-catching and the scene transitions work. The numerous costumes are dazzling and well-made.

This is predictable and comforting community theatre on a rainy day, warming and nourishing the soul.

Rebecca Case