2015 Pantomime: Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

‘Robinson’ was brilliantly portrayed by (Holly Williams) with her superb acting ability and fine singing, he fell in love with ‘Captain Seasalt’ (Terry Revell) daughter the pretty ‘Jaunita’ (Nicole Morris) who was superb in this seductive role. The ship set sail with the Dame ‘Senorita Margarita Juicilita’ (John Pitman) on board the ship as the cook, where she was joined by her son ‘Nutty Nick (Kevin Warne) and these two made a brilliant comedy duo with their antics in a very funny galley scene.

Leading the pirates where ‘Cut Throat’ (Steven Rickman) joined by two brainless accompanists ‘Cross Bones’ (Nicky Williams) and Skull- Duggery’ (Barbara Thomas), these three brought the hiss and boos, but also plenty of fun and laughter. After the ship sank they were all marooned on a desert island, where ‘Robinson’ found his ‘Man Friday’ excellently portrayed by rising new star (Nathan Smith). The inhabitants of the island were cannibals led by ‘Queen Mumbo Jumbo’ (Joyce Jones) beautifully costumed and joined by a very scary ‘Witch Doctor’ ‘Hocus Pocus’ (Samuel Cosens) and ‘Robinsons pet parrot ‘Poll’ (Xanthe Gibbs).

Holding the plot together were the two evil and good pair, ‘Coral Sprit of the Seas’ (Barbara Hancox) once again in fine voice and the endearing ‘Davy Jones’ (‘Bryan foot), threatening everyone with his locker. Making a surprise entrance on the ship was a stowaway ‘Jack Tar’ (‘Louis Still) singing a delightful song and joining him was a real dog ’Seymour Bones’, these were all joined by a superb chorus line of Sailors, Brazilians, Pirates, Natives and Sea Sprites.

The sets, scenery and costumes were the finest and most colourful ever to be seen on the stage at Otterbourne, the whole team on this production must be congratulated.The Pantomime was presented by the ‘Otterbourne Village Hall Committee’ The Musical Director was (Richard Daniels), the Choreographer (Kerry Purnell), the Producer (John Pitman) and the Director (Steven Rickman). This was a Pantomime very much enjoyed by all ages, but the true highlight of this production was the very high standard of the sets and scenery, all produced in Otterbourne’s own workshops by the boys and girls of the group.

Well done Otterbourne.