2013 Pantomime: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

What a Brilliant Show, after many misgivings, during the early part of rehearsals, it came good with a Bang. New talent, Old Talent, Young talent, all performed with the utmost professionalism to deliver a First Class Pantomime, which fully justified our selling out of tickets for the whole show during the first week in December. Our first four performances were packed to the rafters with the viewing public, unfortunately our last four performances, were not quite so well attended due to the large amount of Snow that arrived on our doorsteps on the Friday, although by the Saturday evening performance, we were once again  running on “Full Steam” and it is a credit to all of our performers, engineers, stage hands, front of house, make up, wardrobe, dressers and security staff, that not one person failed to arrive on time for a show.

This year saw a lot of new faces amongst our cast, notably Megan Robinson and Millie Taylor who took on the principle roles of Snow White and the Handsome Prince.  Other newcomers this year included, Georgie Bentley, Elise Spencer,  Amelie Cutmore, Louis Still, Lily Goodridge and Eleanor Watts, We also welcomed back this year Lara Cutmore. Thanks go out to our Director Kay Warne for her dedication, hard work and sleepless Nights.

Daily Echo Review

The story of Snow White is so well known that it requires no synopsis, and all the much loved characters were here (plus a few extras).  The entire Company gelled together with no perceived weak links, creating and maintaining individual characters (especially amongst the Dwarfs) with panache, including Joyce Jones wickedly delicious Queen,  John Pitman’s lovable Dame, and comical court staff Muddles (Kevin Warne) and Marmeduke (Steven Rickman).

Besides the established performers, the new members also rose to the occasion: Megan Robinson (Snow White) and Millie Taylor (The Prince) made an engaging couple with real stage presence, with the young chorus members having fabulous energy and winning smiles.

This was a first rate example of how entertaining community theatre can be – a traditional pantomime yet seemingly fresh, fabulous heckling from the audience with quick witted responses, nurturing young talent, inventive staging and lively choreography all combined for a terrific evening of entertainment.